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Sometimes in the Middle of the Story: Art and Changing Fictions

Internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Charles Campbell is the inaugural speaker in the Lehan Family Activism & the Arts Lecture Series, which focuses on how the arts can be a catalyst … »Read More


In Studio with Charles Campbell

For Jamaican-born visual artist Charles Campbell, making good art is about expanding his world and its possibilities—and then inspiring others to do the same. The now Victoria-based painter, sculptor and performance … »Read More

Fragments of Epic Memory-1

Fragments of Epic Memory: Charles Campbell and Natalie Wood. Moderated by Honor Ford Smith

From the perspectives of Jamaican-born artist Charles Campbell and Trinidadian-born artist Natalie Wood, looking at memory and its reconstruction in the present plays an important role in the works they … »Read More

Maroonscape 1: Cockpit Archipelago


A Q&A with Jamaican-born, Victoria-based artist Charles Campbell, whose sculptural and sonic landscapes are currently featured in Fragments of Epic Memory.

The Ground Above Us

The Ground Above Us

The Ground Above Us Begun as a series of wide ranging conversations between two friends, Farheen HAQ and myself, The Ground Above Us evolved into an examination of ways to … »Read More

Time Catcher: The Fruiting of Chaos

Q & A: Charles Campbell

Artist explores the resilience of the African diaspora and his own roots in Jamaica.


On Trutch Street

Sixteen years ago I arrived as an uninvited guest on Lekwungen territory. Not that I would have used those words at the time. My motivation was not to be a … »Read More


Hummingbirds and Sleeping Buffalo

It was three weeks after the Primary Colours residency when I saw the hummingbirds. I had come into the forest looking for strength and guidance, trying to find that path … »Read More

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Six Steps To Avoiding Tokenism

Fear of “tokenizing” is never an excuse for the startling lack of diversity of your arts organization.

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