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Sometimes in the Middle of the Story: Art and Changing Fictions

Internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Charles Campbell is the inaugural speaker in the Lehan Family Activism & the Arts Lecture Series, which focuses on how the arts can be a catalyst … »Read More

In Studio with Charles Campbell

For Jamaican-born visual artist Charles Campbell, making good art is about expanding his world and its possibilities—and then inspiring others to do the same. The now Victoria-based painter, sculptor and performance … »Read More

Fragments of Epic Memory: Charles Campbell and Natalie Wood. Moderated by Honor Ford Smith

From the perspectives of Jamaican-born artist Charles Campbell and Trinidadian-born artist Natalie Wood, looking at memory and its reconstruction in the present plays an important role in the works they … »Read More


A Q&A with Jamaican-born, Victoria-based artist Charles Campbell, whose sculptural and sonic landscapes are currently featured in Fragments of Epic Memory.

The Ground Above Us

The Ground Above Us Begun as a series of wide ranging conversations between two friends, Farheen HAQ and myself, The Ground Above Us evolved into an examination of ways to … »Read More

Q & A: Charles Campbell

Artist explores the resilience of the African diaspora and his own roots in Jamaica.

On Trutch Street

Sixteen years ago I arrived as an uninvited guest on Lekwungen territory. Not that I would have used those words at the time. My motivation was not to be a … »Read More

Hummingbirds and Sleeping Buffalo

It was three weeks after the Primary Colours residency when I saw the hummingbirds. I had come into the forest looking for strength and guidance, trying to find that path … »Read More

Six Steps To Avoiding Tokenism

Fear of “tokenizing” is never an excuse for the startling lack of diversity of your arts organization.