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The Adoration of Captain Shit

Ofili turned this accepted wisdom on his head. The images here were caricatures not characters. Captain Shit was a pimp on steroids and the women in his paintings combined hardcore porn with Blaxploitation.

Walking Jamaica’s art History

R.M. Vaughan from Globe and Mail reviews the exhibition ’Contemporary Jamaican Art: Circa 1962/Circa 2012′

Time’s Ghetto

What claim does Caribbean art have to the future?

Cover Story

Nice surprise in the mail yesterday. A copy of Small Axe 37 with an image of my 2004 work Flock on the cover. I haven’t had time to read the … »Read More

Asking the Wrong Questions – Arts Funding in Canada

Is the search for government funding hurting art in Canada?

Artzpub Minute

Actor Boy Paintings

Artzpub Minute

The Actor Boy/Transporter project at Alice Yard, Port of Spain, explained in one minute.

Failure at the Yard

Transporter ventures to Port of Spain